Importing user accounts

You can import a correctly formatted Excel worksheet to create, disable, or edit users.

Create the Import page

Before you can upload users, you need to create a page to use to import the Excel worksheet.

To create an Import page:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Pages.

  3. Click + Page.

  4. Create a new blank page.

    • Name: define the name of the new page.
    • Page type: select Blank page.
    • Master layout: select Basic.

Create the Creation component

To perform an Excel import, you must add a Creation component to the Import page, on the newly created page's Layout tab:

  1. On the required zone of the page, click . In this example, we use the MAIN ZONE.

  2. From the list of available page components, select Creation.

  3. Enter a name and turn the Visibility switch to active to make the component visible.

  4. Click Add.

Edit the Creation component

To edit the Creation component:

  1. On the component, click More options and select Edit .

  2. On the General settings tab, turn the Import to Excel option to active. The linked Search component is autocompleted, so you do not need change it.

  3. Click Add definition.

  4. Input the User definition.

  5. Click Save in the added New/Update User definition box.

  6. Click Save and close.

Import to Excel

To import the Excel worksheet:

  1. Navigate to the Import page previously created, or, on the Import page entry in Pages, click View page.

  2. Click Import Excel.

  3. In the Import Excel dialog box:

    • Click Select files.

    • Navigate to the location where the workbook containing the worksheet is and select the workbook.

    • Click Open.

    • Once the upload of the workbook is complete, click Done.

  4. The import is processed. You can check the status from the Background processes page.

  5. When the import is completed, go to the Downloads page to download it.

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