Public links

Public links allow users to share assets with external people who do not have permission to download the assets. This functionality provides an unsigned public link to any pre-generated file rendition of an asset. Sitecore Content Hub™ can auto-generate a publicly accessible link to all the existing renditions of an asset.


If the rendition to which the public link is pointing no longer exists, the public link is disabled.

  • A transformation or conversion is not possible if the targeted file is bigger than 50Mb.
  • If you attempt to create a public link on an image of 50MB or larger, then the conversion is hidden.

You can create public links on the Assets page or the Asset details page. On the Assets page, You can generate public links for individual assets or multiple assets.


Public links are indexed by search engines. Search engine indexing collects, parses, and stores data to facilitate fast and accurate retrieval of information.

There are options for cropping, transformations and image merging of public links. For more details, see the following sections:


Content Hub uses a caching system to temporarily store the generated files (from conversions and transformations) for further usage when a public link is called.


The cached files are removed after 19 days. For more details on Public links caching, see Public links caching.

Known issues

The cropping and transformation functionality may not be available on some Vector image file formats. Some proprietary Vector image file types such as .psd or .ai prevent this functionality from working, with only a choice of renditions being shown:


Images in a layered file format, such as .ai, .psd, or .pdn, do not offer conversion or transformation functionalities in their original format, but they auto-download. However, as Preview and Thumbnail do not render in .png, the conversion or transformation functionality is supported.

Public links: Updating the master file

When updating the master file of an asset, you must check the existing public links created for the previous master file.

For more details, see Public links: Updating the master file.

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